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You Wealth Revolution

I am very proud to recommend to you the You Wealth Revolution Network, a telesummit created by Darius Barazandeh. Darius has an astounding amount of energy, enthusiasm and passion to help people from all over the world to improve our lives.

The 3 pillars of the You Wealth Revolution Network are:

  1. Love your Life
  2. Heal Yourself
  3. Transform the Planet

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have everything and others of us struggle along in life?

Darius and his guest teachers, masters and energy workers have discovered that we each have a ‘Specific Energetic Set Point’ and that this Set Point determines everything that we attract in life, including love, health and abundance.

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to change this set point and create the life that you really want?

Well, you can, and best of all it’s FREE to join –>

A low Specific Energetic Set Point can keep you trapped and keep you from finding out your life purpose and enjoying a healthy body, great relationships and an abundant life.

Darius’s mission and passion is to help you to raise your Energetic Set Point so that you can enjoy the life that you were born to live.

I’ve participated in the past and still to this day I have experience the transformation first-hand.  

In this FREE online series, you’ll join in an energetic circle with others from around the world and your energy vibration will be raised just by being a part of a collective experience.  In addition to raising your own energetic frequency, you’ll also be helping other people around you to awaken and increase their vibrational resonance – how cool is that!? You get to help others by helping yourself!

Who is on You Wealth Revolution Network? Here are some experts and speakers…

Here are some of the folks coming up on You Wealth Revolution Network. Reading these, you can see the spiritual and metaphysical orientation. Earning one’s worth is KEY to moving ahead in life. And they know we hold ourselves back for both practical and emotional reasons. The man who started You Wealth Revolution Network is Darius Barazandeh, and he’s gathered world-leading scientists, doctors, teachers, NY Times best-selling authors & Energy Healers to share their secrets with you.

Upcoming Wealth Revolution Network speakers:
◾Oprah Guest Rhonda Britten on Fearless Purpose: Finding Your Way to Shine in the World
◾Radio host Cari Murphy on her new book Treasures of Heaven: Lessons from the Other Side
◾Creator of the Morry Method, Morry Zelcovitch on Quantum Mind Power: Short-Cut Secrets To Instantly Eliminate Self Doubt, Boost Brain Power and Possess The Keys To Personal Wealth!
◾NY Times Best-Selling and renowned medium James Van Praagh on Reaching through the Veil: Tapping Into Your Psychic Capacities & Power
◾Wellness Leader Dr. Fabrizio Mancini on Quiet Your Mind, Strengthen Your Core, Explode Your Energy Levels, Even Reverse The Signs of Aging In Less Time Than You Can Imagine Possible
◾Do as One Founder Rabia Hayek on Master Your Breath, Master Your Life
◾Visionary, Entrepreneur and Founder of Nutri-Energetic Systems, Harry Massey on Decoding the Human Body-Field: The New Science of Information as Medicine
◾Spiritual Mentor, Teacher and Master Coach Shifra Hendrie on Awakening Divine Power: Embracing Your Authentic Mystical Blueprint

And many many more!

You will have the opportunity to join an “Intention Energy Circle” of like-minded individuals, your life can shift, your dreams can manifest and you can start to awaken to the life you were meant to live.

It starts by simply registering, right now –>

After you register, you’ll get your “New Life Energy Kit” for free with six unique audios that can profoundly shift your feelings and transform your energy immediately!

Over the past four years, members of their “Intention Energy Circle” have been asked about how the daily gatherings have made an impact in their lives. 94.2% of participants directly reported that their “Lives got better” as a results of being connected to this Intention Energy Circle every day.

More and more people report improvements in their lives, experiencing things like:
◾Feeling more alive, engaged and connected with life
◾Being able to enjoy the present moment, longer
◾More clarity, purpose and direction in life
◾Larger connection to the universe and earth energy
◾Courage to stop living by other people’s rules
◾Transformation beyond recognition in record time
◾Being equipped to handle 10x more challenges
◾A windfall of new profits from new opportunities
◾Falling in love with who they are inside

And that’s only scratching the surface!

Thousands of humans join virtual hands to create sacred space across the globe. A high vibrational ceremony is conducted that clears your energy and connects the group together as one. This season our mission is to awaken one million hearts to love through the Million Hearts Project™.

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