What is Lisa’s expertise & teachings and what does it look like to work with her? 

Lisa creates a safe sacred space with her clients and has the innate ability to meet her clients where they are at. She believes in Oneness and Unity.

Lisa believes we are all Artists and we all have the ability to Create our own unique Life Masterpiece!!

Lived, Learned, Re-Invented and Transformed from the Inside-Out, Lisa teaches only what she has learned and lives today ~

Working With Lisa:

Weekly Private Mentorship by phone, Skype and in person

Weekly Energy Clearing, Chakra Balancing and Healing Sessions by phone, Skype and in person

Weekly Angel Card Readings by email

Weekly Soul Synchronicity Sessions by email – numerology, spirit animal totem’s, colors, dream analysis

Daily Accountability and access to me via text and email

Areas of Expertise and Teachings:

The Art of Flow, Magic and Miracles – Assists you with specific tools to raise your vibrations and be connected to Truth and the Universal energies of divine flow, magic and miracles in your daily life!

The Art of ‘The Law of Satisfaction’ – Teaches you ways to be at One with Prosperity Consciousness and how to manifest whatever you desire!

The Art of “Self-ies” – Supports you to embrace Your Divine Feminine; Self-Love, Self-Acceptance, Self-Worth, Self-Respect, Self-Compassion, Self-Expression and Self-Forgiveness

The Art of Allowing and Receiving – Teaches you how to tap into the love, support and wisdom available when you open your beautiful heart!

The Art of ‘The Law of Reciprocity’ – Illuminates the path for you to experience the insurmountable rewards of living a life of meaning, focused on serving and giving back (even when you feel you don’t have anything to give)

The Art of Trusting in Divine Order – Shows you how to uncover the trust and wisdom already within you to never have to doubt anything ever again and experience true peace regardless of your external situation.

The Art of Letting Go – Assists you to identify, release and heal old programming, beliefs and patterns that are not in alignment with your soul (and what does)

The Art of Divine Alignment – Teaches you how to identify what no longer serves you that needs releasing to create space for true soul alignment – emotionally spiritually, mentally, financially and physically.

The Art of Finding Life’s Real Treasure’s – Teaches you how to re-connect with Heart & Soul Remembrance of life’s earthly and heavenly treasures

The Art of Intention – Teaches you how to master your thoughts, co-create your new reality and live a life of self-actualization

The Art of Connecting Within – Learn how to honor every thought as your Intuition is talking through you, inside of you, not outside

The Art of Surrender – Learn how to connect and embody Unwavering Faith, Belief and Trust

The Art of Living Your Passion – Teaches you how to discover how to monetize off of your unique gifts, life experience, knowledge and God-given talents to love a life of passion and purpose!

The Art of Discovering your Life Purpose – Assists you with discovering your souls calling

The Art of Possibility – Supports you in creating a new lens to view yourself and the world around you with an expanded viewpoint filled with infinite possibilities

The Art of how to ‘Let Go and Let Love Flow!’ – Teaches you how to re-connect to your higher self, remember your truth and walk in Love

The Art of Reconnection, Renewal and Re-Birth – Sacred guidance and support in your life path, spiritual evolution and awakening process

The Art of “Head-Heart-Feet” – Learn how to Walk Your Talk!

The Art of BE’ing – Guiding you to soul level expansion where you step into experiencing profound levels of joy, bliss, inner-peace and the freedom to BE!!

A Glance at several Tools & Practices I use:

Energy work

Energy Shielding and Grounding

Chakra Balancing





Mirror Work


Body Movement


Nature walks

Art work

Free Flow Journaling

Gratitude and Joy Journaling

Letters to the Universe


…and more!

This is the Art of Falling in Love with Life!!!

Who is ready to experience more LOVE and MIRACLES!!!

I’d be honored to journey with you!

In Joy,

Lisa ~ xo





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