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Life doesn’t have to be hard.
But there’s a secret to it…


This website was created to provide you with the resources for discovering ways to Living A Happier, More Meaningful and Authentic Life ~ being a full expression of the Love and Joy that you already are.

After re-inventing my own life, I have learned through a LOT of experience, inner work and time tested tools, that the path to living an authentic life begins with YOU. You re-connecting to your soul. Embracing self love. Awakening to the true essence of who you are.

What would your life be like if you could live every moment of it as your truest self?

Confident in your abilities . . .

Happy and content . . .

Creative and brave…

Everything would make sense and you’d know exactly what to do, no matter what challenge you had to face.

You’d feel a deep sense of belonging and connection with the world and the people around you.

And good things would just seem to happen to you, without your having to strive or struggle for them . . . almost as if the Universe was looking out for you, nudging opportunities in your direction.

You’ve probably experienced moments in your life when you felt that clear and blessed, yet if you’re like most people, those moments never last very long.

But it’s important to understand that this is something nearly everyone experiences in their lives—not because we’re weak or unworthy, but because we were never taught how to find, let alone stay connected to that truest part of ourselves.

Lisa devotes her work to helping people cut through all the ‘B.S’ that is limiting you from being the best version of yourself.  She shows you how to move through each and every moment of your day free from fear and doubt and in an effortless state of authenticity, purpose and joy.

Why is it so difficult to be your truest self?

With the state our world is in right now, many people are scared and feel uncertain about their lives and where they’re headed.

And to make matters worse, many are also less and less able to connect to that deeper part of themselves . . .

It can often seem as if you’re just going through the motions, doing whatever you have to do to get through the day.

Do you ever feel . . .

  • Misunderstood or unappreciated by your co-workers, family or friends?
  • A longing to find the right relationship or a deeper level of intimacy with your current partner, but something always seems to keep it out of reach?
  • Unable to fully be yourself in your job because your co-workers don’t share your values or vision?
  • That your gifts and talents are under-expressed or still hidden inside you?
  • Disengaged from life, with a chronic low-grade depression regardless of what you do to try to lift your spirits?
  • That you aren’t experiencing a rich spiritual life, in spite of having invested in many years of personal and spiritual growth?
  • Alone even when you’re with others or participating in community activities, despite trying to connect with people?
  • A longing to “run away” from your life, move to a different town and “start over,” without all the baggage and difficult memories?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, I want you to know something . . .

You’re not the only one

Billions of people have felt the same frustrations about life you’re feeling right now.

And the reason is simple: we’ve all been trying to solve the wrong problems and focusing too much of our attention on things that will never make us feel happy and fulfilled.

We’ve been trying to get the better job, the better partner, the better lifestyle, the better town, all of it . . . without realizing that those things in and of themselves simply don’t matter when it comes to creating a life that is the full expression of your truest self.

When you live as that expression, every aspect of your life will naturally come to reflect what you most care about and are drawn to, in wonderfully fulfilling ways.

And when you align your day-to-day actions with your soul, life will provide you with everything you could possibly want . . . and, even more importantly, everything you need.

When you are being true to yourself, living life on your terms and are co-creating your reality, you can experience a magical life beyond your wildest dreams!


I work with people who have a strong burning desire for positive change and are committed to doing the inner work and make the choices necessary to live the life they have always imagined.



  • You are amazing! Lisa, I felt such a 'closeness' to you and your message,...you are the BEST I have ever heard!

    Gloria T.
    Gloria T.
  • I feel very fortunate to have listened to Lisa Rimas at this years conference.  The right amount of humor with the right amount of knowledge makes for the perfect speaker.  I know my wife and I were touched and are now working harder to “climb” to a higher plateau both personal and financial.  Thank you very much!!

    David P.
    David P.
  • The knowledge and information that I have learned in just a few short hours is priceless. Thank you so much for your help and info.

    Julia K.
    Julia K.
  • Lisa Rimas is such a passionate and gifted healer. I have experienced many different energy healing modalities but none were as profound as the theta healing session I experienced with Lisa. I generally have a hard time quieting my mind but in my session with Lisa I instantly entered a deep state of relaxation, almost as if I was asleep, but in a conscious state. Following my session I felt as if a huge weight had lifted. I gained massive clarity with the next steps to take in my life and I felt empowered to own my power on a deeper level and take action. The shifts from just one session were mind blowing. I can't wait to see what unfolds after my next session!

    Shira Adatto
    Shira Adatto
  • I have noticed such a shift in my energy since my first theta healing session with Lisa Rimas! During the session, I felt very calm and relaxed, which is quite a contrast from my daily life! It was amazing! Before our session, I had been experiencing a lot of resistance around sharing myself in my business and putting myself out there to be accepted as a business owner. Since our session, I have noticed my energy around that feels lighter. I feel more at ease and I have a renewed sense of confidence in sharing myself in my business. All the anxiety and fear than I normally would have had around those areas has drastically reduced. I’ve also noticed that’s it’s been so much easier to speak what’s on my mind and in my heart. Almost to the point of where I surprise myself! All in all, where there used to be resistance around me showing up fully in my business, I’m feeling more lightness moving forward in sharing my gifts with the world. And I’m feeling empowered and confident in speaking my heart and truth with others! Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your gifts with me!

    Alicia Edmonson
    Alicia Edmonson
  • Gosh, what can I say, much less where do I even begin! I had my first theta healing session with Lisa Rimas and she cleared and literally re-wrote my DNA! Although I was a bit skeptical going into the process, she awakened me to places that are familiar yet undiscovered. She advised me that things would start to change and to expect breakthroughs immediately. I came to our session wanting to release my beliefs around not being smart enough and good enough, amongst other emotional situations. The next day I had my first big breakthrough realizing my hearts number one desire; to manifest my soulmate. It’s part of my soul purpose. Then I had a deeper revelation in that before I manifest my soulmate, my first step is to Love MYSELF Unconditionally. I was shifted at my core from “I am not good enough” to “I AM committed to Loving Myself first!” I also used to be afraid to be alone and now I know at my core that I can be happy by myself. Lisa also made me aware that my throat chakra was blocked and after our session I could literally feel my throat chakra opening up. I feel more confident. I am more vocal and my self-expression is soaring. I have noticed a much deeper sense of connection to myself and others. I am refining my diet. I am finally ready to step into my best destiny. I have released a lot of emotional blockages that I was holding onto. I finally took steps I have been afraid to take to transform my life. If you are really looking for profound change on a cellular level I highly recommend Lisa Rimas. She is an amazing person and very gifted in her work. You’ll be looking to book your next session before the first one is even over!

    Renae Morgan
    Renae Morgan
  • My session with Lisa Rimas was a very unique experience for me. It was also my first experience of Theta Healing. As I was in session with Lisa, I felt as if she was really committed to listening and understanding me. She provided awesome insight, suggestions and amazing gifts of empowerment. I could share my worries and issues with her and knew that she was able to guide me toward the right path for me. It was an incredible experience. I was left with a sense of peace, clarity and a clear vision of the next steps to take and where to place them. In the last few days I haven't skipped a beat! It has been delightful. Lisa actually went above and beyond what I expected of her. I am still downloading on all the beautiful gifts I received from her. It was an amazing session and I will always carry it in my heart as one of my first truly successful breakthrough sessions and will come to Lisa again. I cannot recommend her more highly. It is a remarkable gift that she has!

    Michele Keenan
    Michele Keenan
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